28 things I’ve learnt in 28 years..

Hello lovelies! Yes you, *wink* come in..

I hope you’re well (!) It’s 15th of April, 14:03pm, I’m sipping on my 1st coffee and had a bit of a lazy day! Blah blah blahhhhhh. *gulps*.. Although, I had woken up quite early to sort out bits and bobs, I wanted a chilled out day.. CHILL. And to blog. (I’m not consistent with it clearly.. but I hope this will change!) Chillblog.

BTW who went out on Monday??!! I definitely did not miss the crowded queues *laughs*. And eating an overpriced meal outside when I’m freezing my big tits, no thank you felicia. NADA. Luckily, my brother and I dodged the queues as we had arrived around lunchtime! Picked up a couple of bits from the sale (get innnn), when I mean sale, the sales were practically desperate to jump into my bag and come home with me. Hello Ann Summers it’s been a while, LOL. They practically know my name, dob and blood type at this rate. * I asked the sales assist if these bras were really 99% off, ‘cos that is going straight into MY basket, *every bikini in sigh, too*.. Aha! I am so immensely happy lockdown eased up at the right time of my life. Screaming *breaking free from high school musical* subliminal hint.com

Once we are allowed to travel, y’all are never seeing me again. *hair flicks and toes flick*. I repeat, I am now in a relationship with my passport. Boris, let me out out out, HUN.

So..so..so.. Life changes, I know, but, big changes have occurred recently and I am okay. No really, this morning I woke up totally stress free, my IBS seemed to have ‘cured’ in the past 7 days (wha da fa, I know, abs came back on the scene) i felt sexy as, motivated and just generally myself. I don’t think I have felt myself in a few years, if I am honest (inset violin, I take the piss out of myself but (laughter) thats my coping mechanism aha). I have been through a lot, which, maybe one day you’ll read a book on it (aha), but I can’t let *bad luck* *bad people* *bad situations* *bad times* hold me back. *Kim, there’s people dying in the world!!!* cliche insert. No, I didn’t cry over an overpriced ridiculous ring (I’m far from materialistic), or whatever Kim cries about these days, (I don’t keep up with the Kardashians shows, obviously) I cried over real deep shit, shit which would make anyone *words of a therapist* *deep stuff which would make anyone think of ending their life, it’s understandable. I look back at the last 7 years of my 20s and I see a strong woman. The person I am today was the person I needed back then, at 20, 21,22, etc.. I am just glad I never gave up on life. I never let the most horrific abnormal psychologically insane times tear me apart. Everyone experiences breaking points, but I keep going, despite painting the prettiest smile on my face and, most importantly, lying everything was okay, to protect others, I kept going. Strength is powerful, that shit you can’t buy.

Furthermore, there have been incredible memories during my 20s. I mean lets not humblebrag here, I have been very lucky and blessed in some areas in life! Life is worth celebrating. The good times will always fucking outweigh the bad and what seems so dark, and fucking painful now is just temporary! Excuse the frenchie slang. Life goes on, HUN.

I don’t want to ramble for hours, because, I could. I literally spent 4 hours catching up with a friend whom I don’t speak to often, a great listener. I am not pretty, but luckily I am funny so he didn’t put the phone down. (!) I just wanted to write up a blog post and look back when I turn 30, *throws up* joking, (I want to live past my 1% man prince philly, 100, so 30 is, respectfully ‘young’) and think wow I that’s cool. In the most sarcastic, cutest way. My ‘cool’ is clearly not everyones cool. Inner geek in me is really not cool. I love blogs, I love reading blogs, blogs are interesting, it’s all about P-E-R-S-P-E-C-T-I-V-E!!

So after 10 hrs, here’s the list.

  1. Not everyone is going to like you. I mean, Jesus had haters and look at him *licks lips* (my type), he’s a good man! You could be the best, still people will not like you! Beyonce got haters.. and she’s BEYONCE?!  I’m obviously not Jesus, that would be a plot twist, but no matter what I do for others, not everyone, will like me. That’s cool and that’s their loss. Don’t change for anyone! if they want someone quiet af, go tell them to collect a mouse from the pet store.

2) Own it. You’re into fitness, own it. You’re into books, own it. You’re into tiktoks. own it. You’re into partying. Own it. You’re into chess, own it. (bet you can’t win my game, inserts reverse psychology.). Life is too short to pretend to be interested in something for the sake of pleasing people

3) Intuition. It’s a ‘thing. You should really listen to. My gut feelings have never been wrong. Moreover, I cannot reason with it, ignore it, plaster excuses and call it ‘hormones.’ It is what it is. Something seems off, it probably is! Read up on ventromedial prefrontal cortex and intuition.

4) Water. H20.. I don’t know who needs to hear this, it’s vital to drink plenty of water, daily. Whole life improves when you swap fizzy drinks for water. Yah its boring, but the results is fab. I’m 28. I don’t look it. Take it from me girl.

5) Educate yourself on abuse. Psychological, physical, mental, emotional, spiritually, the lot. It’ll save your time and possibly your life. Notice the flags. ‘Narcissists have no empathy.’ they’ll make you feel bad for leaving! Etc.. Whether its a workplace, relationship, etc., read up on it, please.

6) Celebrate the small wins. We are way too busy on the end result. We forget the journey! *Celebrate*

7) Manners cost 0. If someone is rude to a waiter, cleaner, homeless person, I don’t want to know them; everyone true colours show when you are no longer beneficial in their life.

8) Buy a pet. Whether its a cat or a dog, fish, hamster, just buy a pet! ‘Nough said! *heart emoji*.

9) Good people are hard to find. Good souls are rare. If you know a good soul, hold them close!

10) Get out of your comfort zone! I decided to climb a mountain in Iceland, Grindavík, less than 24 hours in 2018, bleeding heavily after surgery (?) probably not ‘wise’, but luckily, I did it! I nearly slipped (at the top), it was cold and scary. I’m sure Ant Middleton would be proud #SAS come at me, bro. I felt completely fine. The view was amazing, best fun holiday! Fear is only in your mind, if you let it stay!!!!

11) Suncream – an item which is essential for your skin, very essential. Look it up. Smothered all over meh!

12) Sense of humour is important (to me). If I can’t have a laugh around you and we don’t have the same sense of humour, then it won’t work. All my friends are fucking hilarious, and I love that. Imagine someone screwing a face or calling you weird because they’re boring and not witty… YAWN. Find people who have your sense of humour.

13) Pep talk to yourself, when you’re down. ‘You can do it’, or something equally dumb, but it works. It’s just a little boost you need to enjoy the rest of your day, read affirmations and positive quotes. A positive mindset will always be .. *adds dramatic bang*.. life changing.

14) Ghosting. *ooo scary. Throw them in the bin, now. *tick tock tick tock..* Amazing how many ghosts came out to slide into a dm during lockdown. No, I don’t want to be part of your multi-level marketing scam, Britney. No, that one date 12 years ago (clown) will not make me have fanny flutters. No, we were old-school friends and you became a disappointment, so go seek therapy before trying to drag me into your nonsense drama. No, I don’t care if you *miss me*, you had years to build a friendship, but you chose to be a d’head.. jog on. People who ghost you at some point then want to come back have shown their true colours. Ignore. Move on- some divine interventions are a blessing in disguise!!!

15) Breakups. Relationships come and go. It will get better and easier to move on.. I know, I have been in 4 relationships, 8 +half out of 10 years of my life (17/18-28 yrs old )iv been in a relationship. (I know – have I ever been single more than 2 years..(not even 2 years straight *insert emoji romantic gal and definitely a deep rooted issue.*.) Let go and move on. So now is a time to just focus on me!You can’t change a person,(even if it’s for the better), they have to want to change. You are not a punching bag for their unhealed childhood psychological traumas. You are not supposed to deal with unnecessary stress and have your feelings disregarded all the time. If it is not making you happy, let go. It’s painful, I know, but true real genuine love should never be a constant battle. Breakups are hard. I know. See a friend, listen to your favourite songs, focus on a project! Relationships teach us the good bad and ugly! You’ll experience this, its hard to walk away, but trust me its for the best ! Each relationship teaches you something. Walking away was a good decision … 🙂

16) Confidence. You’re actually confident, believe it. Someone out there thinks you’re attractive, talented, kind, funny, etc.. so be confident!! Or just fake it! Reminder: 7 billion people in the world!!! Confidence can lead you on the right path! Don’t mistake it for arrogance!

17) Create a playlist– worth it! Gym? Studying? (creating one for my psychology course!!! Chill? party? Wild sex? ol Freudian slip. Playlists for everything!!!

18) Celeb crushes are real, it’s okay to have one. ZAC Efron. Oh my, one look I’m pregnant.. Shawn Mendes, omg cammy fifth harmony chick you are lucky! Weirdly Ant Middleton, I love a strong mindset and he seems well kinky-dominate me.. *laughs* Did I say thattt. Noah Centineo.. dave franco and pietro boselli, brains and beauty YUMM. You are normal. ish. Ha

19) Be yourself. The right people will love you for you! Someone amazing out there is going to fall in love with you, cherish your soul and do anything to make you happy..with all the imperfections the good + the broken bits! I’ve learnt to not give the best side out so easily, people have to earn trust + respect!! When youre the whole package, you have to learn to be extremely picky and not make the same mistakes..

20) Take a risk. 2017, I felt extremely low, took a spontaneous, rather random holiday, one way ticket (oh she risKAY), booked in an Uber -highly recommend sky scanner lol..with my work colleague, whom is now a close friend *YAY*. Risky move but was the most funniest fun holiday ever. It all worked out! Trust your gut! Want to start a blog? Go for it! Say no– it builds character. Public speaking, go for it! Splurge on that item you’ve had on your mind for years! Take a rissssssk..

21) MENTAL HEALTH FIRST. 1000000000000%. If your mental health isn’t great, nothing else is either ! Also hang out with those who actually have empathy in life and respect your mental health. In your 20s you will come across different characters, the inevitable, so pay attention to the energy around certain individuals..(!)

22) Unfollow, delete, block, ignore etc etc. It’s okay, to do so. Those lil sexy buttons are there for a god damn reason Felicia! 😉 You are allowed to filter out the BS in your life. I’m not just talking about Instagram! Real life too..Now and then a good clear out is good! Too many mendacious people on the ‘gram!

23) Read a book over the hours of scrolling on your socials and binge tv. It’s okay to binge, but if your life is filled with scrolling simultaneously then whats the point? The number of people who have ‘no time’ to the workout, but find themselves stuck in the vicious cycle of refreshing socials.. Whats the purpose? If you’re addicted then install and activate digital management on your phone! I can’t justify spending more than 2/3 hours of social media a day! Yes I have socials, but more than that isn’t healthy! Find a hobby! I’ve read over 20 books during lockdown and 20 audiobooks! Completed two short courses and on my third! *gives myself a fucking gold star* ha.

24) Health is wealth. Health is wealth. I’m proud of myself for always putting my health first! *I am healthy, I am wealthy.. I am..* song repeat, 😉

26) Puck you. Only regret is that I didn’t tell enough people to fuck off. Some people are literally poison. Don’t make excuses for shitty shit! It’s amazing when you start treating people the same to test out -taste of their own medicine and suddenly they don’t like their own shit? Hilarious. Best to let it go and forget, completely.

27) KNOW YOUR WORTH. I had a job in the heart of shiny glam London, literally seemed perfect on paper, well paid, benefits were insane 5 star food and drinks. fired their lovely entry level staff for no reason, treated people (customers and staff) badly, actually took advantage of me- 3 roles masked in a job role is actually absurd, I did it anyways because I love what I do +I am good at it!!!.. But a marketing manager, social media manager, receptionist (take all incoming calls despite being in the middle of my business meeting), micro manage floor staff + be a hiring manager -interview promotional staff (floor manager), oh my gosh. I jokingly asked what’s my role today, for months aha (!) Then before my operation, treated badly. Then left. Write that notice of leave letter and know your worth! No job/work is ever worth your mental health! Remember you’ll always be easily replaced… Don’t waste time on shit. Don’t let anyone take advantage! Looking back, I wish I knew my worth in my early 20s! Now in my late 20s I will NOT stand for any bullshit.

28) Karma exists. Be good and do good. Nothing ever goes unnoticed, ever. It may take years to come back to you, but karma works in mysterious ways. God, karma, the universe, spiritual vibes, whatever you believe in; being bad and doing bad things in life will come back. Let Karma deal with it.

obviously looking at the planes knowing ill be on one soon… singing ,come fly with me, lets fly lets fly away (8) who remembers pippin and aunt Mable LOL. I would have given my karaoke machine and arms to have him!
wind blowing at the right time. excuse my extremely long toes, they were so stressed over covid, they had grown and wanted to finally run lol. At least the new pink pedi is cute 😉 BAG new look, SHOES prettylittething, SKIRT toyshop, TOP H&M.


side note. sarcasm inserted.

Talk soon friends!!!

I had two cars literally stop in front of me whilst Adam took these photos. Incoming a very awkward smile lol..
– sumptuous – thinking of hot girl summer and all that shiz. excuse the creased skirt, couldn’t find the iron lol. xo I am so into smart/sexy white shirts right now, I have purchased a couple online! Partying with friends, here I come……. 😉

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