Hi lovelies,

I currently work in PR & MARKETING, I am also a presenter (some acting work too) and I blog! Magic 3!

I am 25, Capricorn, my partner Stevie takes my photos & heart aha (good boyfriend aha, iloveyou) into style, lifestyle, fitness & food! Love laughing, making others laugh, generally having a healthy fun/ny life

AND… I’ve worked with heaps loads of brands.. I always enclose paid with #ad and #collaborations where I have been kindly sent as a gift!

I started bloggin,’ tweetin’, instagrammin’ (are these actual words?! aha) since 2012.. I know, what a commitment!

First blog:


Now third, this is my final site and hope you like it!


My number is.. joke.. My email is

Contact me if you wish.