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BEL_8555BEL_8551BEL_8553BEL_8554BEL_8544BEL_8539BEL_8543BEL_8545Hello lovelies!

I hope you’re well!

Well, hello spring, although here in the UK, you’ll find yourself immersed with decisions of what to wear and do because one minute it’s winter, next its summer and spring comes and goes like followers on your instagram! I do love spring and all the pretttty wildlife scenes that come with it, which gave me the idea to check out one of London’s hottest, spring pretty location right now, Elan Cafe!

Neighboring The Dorchester, Elan can boast about the appearance, it’s classy, cute and so Instagram worthy, which was the only reason why I went.. instagram w h o r e.. *rolls eyes* aha. But, don’t think you can just walk in, uh na missy, theres a waiting list.. a list you cry, yes, precisely waited over an hour to go in.. what?! Frankly, it is not like me to even go and wait more than 10 minutes somewhere, but I had to check it out for myself. Patiently, I had waited. Time flies when you’re on your phone, right? So I had long convo with my friend Tanith and did check out most of the Elan cafe Instagram pictures.. then before you know it, I am in!

The decor, is dreamy, it goes above and beyond expectations, the food looked too good to eat, which was by the till, you could pick out what you wanted, from cakes to breakfast bites etc.. It was however, tiny. Not much space at the top and downstairs theres around 9 seats? So expect to wait before you enter! I hadn’t of eaten here, which was disappointing as I was eager to have a breakfast, but I wasn’t feelin’ well!! So instead, I opt for the lemon watermelon tea and hot chocolate! I was keen to check it out and glad I visted! Next time I will certainly try their food, however I do suggest going bright and early! Everyone was super dolled up and everyone taking photos was pretty much the ‘norm’ here, so it felt super comfortable, stylish and most of all it was a princess place! Literally all your insta cafe dreams rolled into one! Perfect spot to unwind and feel pretty!

Spring bucket list.. I’ve always wanted one, as I am a tad ott when it comes to geeky stuff like this, with my diaries, (now and then), checklists (omg I have way to many everyday) and what I’d like to achieve, a bucket list has consistently been in my mind..

  1. Do some yoga outside.
  2. Have a garden tea party.
  3. Buy spring scented candles
  4. Book first holiday of the year
  5. Go to a farmers market
  6. Make a flower arrangement
  7. Paint a picture on a canvas
  8. Start a journal and stick to it everyday
  9. Have a girls night out
  10. Continue gettin’ into shape and enjoy it!

What are you top 10 Spring Bucket List notes???

-whole outfit from @Primark! (I know right, sasssy!

Hope you enjoyed this!!

A new post coming on Thursday… I am in process of editing.. keep your eyes pealed. Do something amazing for someone today!


Love lots,



  1. April 2, 2018 / 1:45 pm

    We are a long way from spring in Canada! Still so much snow! Glad you made it inside and yes!! Instagram worthy!!!

  2. April 2, 2018 / 1:52 pm

    Great pictures! following on instagram 🙂

  3. April 2, 2018 / 1:58 pm

    Looks amazing! Wish it was spring in Canada haha!

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