Hey lovelies,

I hope it’s all so magical. 

 Content moved from previous blog:  (my photography) (woo, should really get into it!)foo234edfood12food123food345food348food12345London fashion week is always stressful. Anyone who says its not, is lying.

You dress up as if you’re about to pop on the red carpet, eventually the whole ‘glam’ look unravels due to the rush of ‘trying’ to authentically attempt to make it on time to multiple events.. Nothing worse than knowing the end of the day you’ll be super tired.. However, fortunately Ana had a magical opportunity to look forward to: Review Jamie’s restaurant, with a high budget; she was able to choose some babes along with her to review. So it was a #squadgoals moment, Ana herself, along with me, Anna, Cherrie and Lucy! So although being extremely tired, we still had some magic in us to go ahead with this opportunity!

The last time I met up with Anna and Ana was on new years- which seemed like a billion of years ago, so it was ultra exciting to have a ‘shabaes’ (sassy babes) huge catch up! We were joined by Anna’s friends, Lucy and Cherrie!

As soon as we walked in, our bags were taken from us and we were reassured that despite being 10 minutes or so late and while the others were still on their way, we hadn’t of lost our table slot (!) The receptionist stated we could have it for much longer than 2 hours.. so it made the whole evening less stressful! As it was stated on the email we could only stay for 2 hours!

Our stress ball heads were vanished. We both felt relaxed and extremely hungry. The decor was pretty, very pristine and full of crystal lights. You have to see it for yourself!

You could instantly tell by the decor it’s a brand spanking new venue, it was quiet and all of the staff were eager to attend to our needs with a positive manner! We had an amazing view, overlooked St Paul’s Cathedral, very (instagrammble) behind us and eventually when it became darker, the lights inside shimmered. So, a delightful perfect way to wine and dine us Jamie’s! We all felt like little princesses, (ha), because none of us rarely do, so it was nice to be wined and dined!

So, if you arrive before 5 PM then you can choose the 3 course lunch menu which comes to £27, which I personally feel is a good price for London! – Which is a bonus! Mains were around £15-£2, desserts around £10! I feel the prices were reasonable for the level of taste! There’s a huge selection of drinks which was amazing!

Ana & I decided to go for the juicy ribs, go hard or go home right?! I guess for me, that was the “safe option” as you can’t go wrong with ribs, either they’re appalling or amazing! Mine? It was amazing, demolished- first to demolish their main! It was a particularly huge main compared to the others! All it needed was an extra hint of flavour. I pretty much felt full after, so that’s an extremely good sign! I could eat for 5 people alone.. (shh) The jalepeno peppers were a bit too much as there was a lot of it- but nevertheless added an overall a good presentation! The staff were very attentive and were always there to cater to our needs! We all literally laughed so much until it hurt! I love Ana & Anna – cheesy, but blessed to have these girls through highs & lows! I LOVE YOU TWO. Ha. Sometimes, you need to really look at the people in your life and appreciate them, I wouldn’t trade these two lovely girls for anything! We always have an amazing time and laugh so much! Until next time!

We all had a budget, so the rest of the budget for me went to my chosen drink. Aligned with a strong main, I needed a strong drink!

It arrived in a small glass, could pass off as a shot glad- I actually expected something larger, but nevertheless again, it was strong. I don’t really know how to explain it, but the girls suggested it had a strong resemblance to medicine! (Ha) For me, the taste was a bit too overpowering, but I didn’t hate it- but at the end I just needed something strong- although it took a bit of hesitation to sip every so often, I decided to shot it!  For me to say a drink is strong, is saying something! I can drink vodka and not really consider it as ‘strong’, (nope, I am not an alcoholic) ha.

The rest of the girls hated it, exclaimed the taste was very similar to a medicine type.. Well, it was my medicine for the night (ha). Even if you don’t like a medicine taste, then this drink isn’t good for you, only if you want that ‘tipsy buzz’. Lets say it’s worth £10! As the other girls noted their drinks hadn’t given them the ‘buzz’.

Any downsides?

A real downside were the dry chips. I love a good selection of chips, they’re just chips which comes with almost anything when you’re in london. Ours were the beef dripping chips, which none of us had tried before, so, we wanted to try them immediately!

They were extremely dry and I hadn’t experienced over fried chips like this, so it was a shock and a disappointment to be honest.. We all were still a bit peckish, especially as they were supposed to be beef drip chips, so we were eager to try them. We had to ask the waiter to send in the new, but I observed the timing and they came back in only minutes with new chips.. so it was very suspicious to deliver new chips in such a rush.. no changes seemed to be made. After the third go at serving chips, we had fresh bunch, they were actually so good, we were all addicted! I would definitely go back for the same meal again!

If only they had provided us with this the first time, I could say the whole experience would be 9.5/10, but due to the overpowering drink and chips issue, it’s a 8/10 from me. I would still highly recommend it! A few weeks and it would be great!

Photos by me:

 Love these girls! Girls for life by As! <3

Mine was the red drink! We all had different drinks, I guess, to match our personality! Ha

The drinks were 5*

 Ana’s meal looked amazing; I may try her meal next time!

As a joker myself, I joked to the waiter that it was her birthday (naughty) and they had provided this! So at least you guys know what to expect if it was your birthday! I have done this twice, just to see if they would cater to needs ha, so a smart little way to check.. (hehe)

Jamie’s you’re more than amazing, so I would love to go back soon!

* Free meal in return for a post-*

Ana was kindly given a high budget, split into 5 girls! Jamie you are very generous and provided a good experience! I would come again soon!

Tomorrow I have a big day ahead, eep- I may even pop here for food! Enjoy you week lovely! Sprinkle some magic in someone’s life! Be the best person you can be!

Stay magical,


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  1. October 23, 2017 / 12:26 pm

    As you said Jamie Oliver I started scrolling for the food pics. Love his style of cooking and it kinda reflects in the pictures too. Very rustic!

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