Las Iguanas | South American Restaurant & Bar..

vegetarian quesadilla -check

good company- check

lads drink- check. ha.


So, as many of you know I am vegetarian/vegan/on the plant based diet/basically into this healthy shit; although it has been an incredibly hard journey, I have to admit, I had a bit of meat twice (in a sandwhich & today, duck sandwich) both times were super stressed and had forgotten I had meat in front of me (ha) ! I had given up red bull/lucozade which I was addicted to for like a year (oops) and less alcohol!

But, aside from those mishaps, I successfully managed to cut out meat & stuck to a delicious danty pander of a whole heap of glorious gifted green colours, of an array of vegetables & fruits.. Equally with the divine healthy choices I was able to wrap up some interested & super easy recipes! In the middle of my veg life blog post, so hold on for a another day to see it!


p.s adam’s graduation (the one who takes 80% of my pics)


I’d say if you can’t find any good dishes, get out there & find some!

I loved the vegetarian dishes at Las Ig! 5/5!

I’ll be updating my blog more often in August- here’s a big promise to 6 posts a week?! (currently editing two posts right now) Woop,


love always XTINE

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