Motel Rocks (Collaboration)!

Hey lovley,  Because why post the dress without a link (np lovely..)  30CYBER for discount!

I am excited to announce a collaboration with Motel Rocks, I love their fashion line, but only owning a few pieces, I wanted more, actually more dressy and “out there”. I actually looked at their website for a Christmas/25th birthday bash dress. Then I told myself, ‘payday’, buy a couple. The next week, I kid you not, must’ve been fate xtine, because hello, I recieved a email from them. Because I just stared at excitment with ‘motel rocks’, I immediately thought I had bought something when I was half asleep or something, but no it was a collaboration e-mail! “We at came across you IG account and absolutely love your style! We wanted to drop you a line to see if you would be interested in collaborating with us? ” I was with my friend Richard at work, actually talking about bloggings and brands.. touching upon brands I had worked with and brands I desire to work with, because lets face it, that would be dreamy… Furthermore, I went on to show him a few photos and bang that email came up, if I had a pound for every time I said “omg shutup” (not in an essex, no joke it was actually- being funny obviously) I would have been a millionaire by now! So in conclusion, I emailed their help deparment just to see if it was real, ah! Then confirmed, so I felt a bit silly but was just so shocked and it felt so good too. Because I am so in love with blogging right now. Any brands coming at you which you adore just makes an addition to the love of blogging. You see I’ve been in & out of blogging since 2012.. Check my previous links here:

April 3rd, I had spoke about Motel Rocks, previously quite a lot too, so fast forward a couple of years and they’ve contacted me, woo! I have chosen this gorgeous Gabby Dress, it screams party, fun, excitment and because we are in the festive Christmas period, it was necessary to demand thoughts glitter and sexy sparkles! I loved the back and the sleeves on dress, it’s simple, yet can make it look effortless, you don’t need any jewellery, or maybe something quite simplistic- just a nice pair of shoes, hair done up and you’re all good to go!

I love, adore, (want more dresses with) the sparkles on this dress, the reflection is quite unique and for the price it is definately worth it! The sleeves are thick, perfect for those winter nights when you are at a party! I’ve added some baby pink heels and a smart jacket. How would you style yours?




Work hard at what you love- do it for the passion; eventually you’ll see things coming along just fine!

#mondaymotivation – anything WORTH having, won’t be easy, at all, in fact it will challenge you, break you down, you’ll want to give up, it’ll make you feel like giving up, but if you face the obstacles with strength and love and get through each challenge correctly, it’ll only get better. Here’s to a new week!

Stay beautiful & thank you for all the support!





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      December 5, 2017 / 7:06 pm

      Thank you; really appreciate your comments! <3 so lovely the blog well done

    • xtineloves
      December 5, 2017 / 7:04 pm

      Thanks lovely! Love the blog! <3

  1. December 18, 2017 / 10:26 am

    Wow! This dress looks amazing on you hun!! x

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