Vapianos 🍽️🍹🍝

Hello beautiful people,

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend 😉

My friends (my girls <3) and I planned our evening out together recently on thursday at Vapiano, which is located on great portland street in central London and we loved it! It was my first time here and overall I would 100% recommend it to everyone; food prepared in front of us, (100% fresh) wide selection of pasta choices and an add of banter from the chefs- perfect! I opted for carbonara- filled with egg, bacon, basil and cheese. I love my friends so much, they’re so smart,supportive, wise, classy and best of all great to have a laugh with; time flies when you’re enjoying life! I wish I could be this happy 24/7 and laugh away each second.

I’m just that friendly woman you see who always seem to strike up a conversation straight away. I had banter with the chef who prepared my meal and he loved that I had my camera. What a funny moment “put it on facebook, on your facebook- let me add you”…No.. but what an easy way to chat up women at work hey- hah, but they were lovely, all the staff were!  

My meal..

My beautiful friend and her amazing hair! Seriously, how gorgeous are the colours, in person it’s so shiny and lush!

Cassandra had hers with a bowl of salad with her pasta, topped off with some bread; oh my, her food was as good too! 

Love this.. we hadn’t planned our outfits as such, but ended up wearing jumpers Ha!

Anastasia recently did the chop! She had long hair before but decided to give herself a new makeover and I love it! Girl got guts… I love these three <3

Have you been here before.. If not try it!

Cassie and I doing what we do best.. our shameless random selfies…

We don’t take ourselves too seriously! -Not when you’re in your early 20s!

The food was on point, I really loved the fact you can go up and choose what you want and see the whole cooking process in front of you! Also, the vibe was chilled and there were so many seating areas around, which was a perfect chance to unwind after dinner in a different area of the restaurant to relax! We sat by the corner near the bar, a few of the girls had some wine and we ended up laughing all night! I’ve been super healthy and a good bunny- no alcohol for me! insert sad emoji here- then happy emoji as I’m okay going without!

So because I have totally falled in love with this H&M sparkly tiger jumper, I have chosen some jumper choices for you..

Take a look; it’s not like the weather will improve anytime soon -so best to wrap up and look stylish while you do seeing as SO many cute outfits are hidden under coats these days.. ‘sigh’..

Since I got mine frm H&M, I’ve been your personal shopper and picked out my favourite jumpers from the store.. They’re working on improving their clothes right now, I can tell… 

Also, here are a few looks which I love love love -yes I had to say it three times! -from Nasty Gal:


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