Will you dare be creative again?

Bloggin’ isn’t easy. Being consistent with bloggin’ is hard; when your creative juices just randomly stop, you become convinced you’re not good at all, you start comparing.. It may inhibit you to progress and you eventually lose all the creative ideas you’ve had and it becomes a never ending cycle of trying to regain that creative mindset you’ve always loved. Sometimes, you forget something so simple, like creating art, can be a massive nourishment.

I love creating content, being creative at home too with bedroom designs, being creative with food, outfits, but one thing I love to do the most is give presents, gifts, letters, notes.. which I don’t talk about. I love scrapbooks, picture wallposts, you name it! So when Stampin’ Up! wanted to collaborate, I jumped it! My partner Stevie knows how much I love art and design so he knew how much this would make me happy- I am secretly a 16 year old art student at heart! Oops..

Moreover, when you bring out your inner creative child vibes, you instantly withdraw back from reality and start to focus on ideas, colours, designs, drawings, patterns, notes.. That’s the best bit. Being in that creative mind can turn on that switch in your mind and release ideas for your blog, which you may not have thought about before! These colours I’ve drawn with have given me great ideas for springs’ blog posts and the colour scheme I want for my social media accounts! Hello spring.. 

I love how easy this Stampin up! kit is, those stamps really bring me back to my childhood and creating notes for some of my girl best mates just fits so well right now! One of my best friends is engaged, one is pregnant and one had helped me with my confidence again. Those notes I have written are private, so, best to keep it from the world, aha, but this kit is something the world needs to know about! It’s perfect for any age, perfect for so many occasions and cherished present! I’ve personalised mine to the max! It’s classy, cute, personal and a thoughtful gift for those you love!

The whole process of creating these stamp cards/pictures and designs is easy, it’s very therapeutic and totally pretty!

Will you dare be creative again?

5 Tips to be creative again.

  • Go out and buy some creative kits.
  • Turn up your favourite music.
  • Turn off your wifi
  • Go with the flow with the colours and express how you feel
  • Have a picture of the result you want and start creating it!
Lots Of Happy Card Kit- £30 Stampin Card Kit-  #collab




These captions are so upliftin’!


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